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TheGigRig’s Wetter Box aims to create epic tones by blending effects in parallel

The pedalboard switching experts at TheGigRig have announced the Wetter Box, a stompbox that offers the ability to blend effects pedals in parallel.

A pair of TRS effects loops allows guitarists to plug in mono or stereo effects, which can be blended using the central knob, while each loop has its own gain control.

That means you can use, say, a fuzz and overdrive together, or a pair of delays, without one effect, erm, effecting the other, offering the potential for tones you couldn’t otherwise obtain.

There are also inputs for an expression pedal and remote footswitch, plus the ability to chose between mix and blend options, as well as a phase switch for loop B.

Internal voltage doubling promises big headroom for use with amp effects loops, and there’s also the option of true bypass or trails bypass for loop B.

The Wetter Box is available now for £229 from TheGigRig.

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