The UK's Flattley Guitar Pedals releases new DG Fuzz

Flattley DG Fuzz
(Image credit: Flattley Guitar Pedals)

UK pedal builder Flattley has released its latest stompbox; the DG Fuzz, effectively a dual pedal pedal combining a 'simplified' version of its tone booster, The Ace, with a '60s-style fuzz.

The true bypass DG Fuzz includes a buffer so players can place it anywhere in their chain without negatively affecting the fuzz. 

The versatile fuzz pedal's blue halo light ring diffuses the light when playing live, helping players to see the DG Fuzz on darker stages when playing live and without being dazzled by LEDs. The pedal's large aluminum foot topper is also designed with live efficiency in mind. 

Like Flattley's other Platinum Range pedals, the DG Fuzz features a hand-painted process that ensures they stay looking good. After a process involving several coats, a metallic holographic chrome flake is applied using a clear to add the signature Flattley sparkle. The pedal is then hydro-dipped for the application of its graphics before lacquering with wet sanding between coats. The final cosmetic stage is hand polishing. 

The DG Fuzz is £259 and you can find out more at Flattley Guitar Pedals

Rob Laing
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