The TC Electronic Rat-style Grand Magus distortion pedal is now under €/£20!

TC Electronic
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A distortion pedal deal here so cheap it's kind of a brainier for us. The TC Grand Magus is based on the iconic ProCo Rat, one of the small group of elite hall of fame distortion pedals all players need to at least try. But at this price in Thomann's Cyber Monday guitar deals, you get in the ballpark for silly money!

TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion £16.90 / €19.90

TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion £16.90 / €19.90
Pedal bargain of the year? This is right up there with Rat-style distortion at a crazy low price.  This is great for grunge and early Foo Fighters tones, but is far from a one-trick pony whether you're looking to fatten up your rhythm work or cut through with your guitar breaks. 

The Grand Magus features controls for Gain, Filter and Volume and can deliver organic tube-like distortion with some tight bottom-end and 'natural tube sag'.

The Filter control is a hi-cut that can tame the treble and allow for smoother breakup.  The result is a well-built and versatile distortion that would be a great addition to any signal chain. And at this price from Thomann it's a no-brainer for us. And you could combine your order with some of the other great Thomann Cyber Monday deals

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