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The Make Noise 0-CTRL could be the perfect device for all your CV sequencing needs

Make Noise has premiered its latest controller instrument, the 0-CTRL and if that name sounds familiar to you, yes it is the ideal partner to the 0-Coast synth

The 0-CTRL is a patchable, clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage-controlled synthesizer systems. The tabletop device is fully Eurorack compatible, so it will be right home patching up to your modular systems and semi-modular synthesizers.

The controller allows you to sequence the pitch, strength, and time of your synthesizer voice, per step and you can sync with other hardware via the Clock In, or clock other machines with the Clock and/or Gate Outs.

Following on a similar design-path laid out by the North Carolina company's Pressure Points and Réne modules, the 0-CTRL features Pressure and Touch Gate outputs.

According to Make Noise's Tony Rolando, human-generated events and expression are what it's all about: “The Dynamic Gate and Dynamic Envelope outputs can take your sequence from feeling stiff and robotic to feeling like something more that was played and created by a person. That’s always a beautiful thing."

“The Time row allows you to introduce the “slop” of how people naturally play.  Sometimes that slop is the magic, and is what gets the groove going.”

0-CTRL will set you back $399 and should be shipping soon. In the meantime, you can find out more on the Make Noise website.

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