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Using samples and virtual instruments in the box provides incredible creative freedom when producing tracks. However, there may well come a time when you want to expand your sonic palette to incorporate sounds you’ve recorded yourself. Thankfully, most DAWs are also powerful multitrack recorders, perfectly capable of capturing everything from a single tambourine hit to a full multi-miked band.

Are you someone who likes the idea of recording but aren’t entirely sure how to get started? Then this back-to-basics feature is for you. We’ll begin with hardware and software requirements, looking at what you do and don’t need, and running through the advantages of certain features. 

Then it’s time to consider the process of setting up and making connections, and how to get those signals into the DAW. We also need to look at how we can hear what we’re doing while recording, of course, and the potential issues with CPU latency. 

Overdubbing is next on the list, as we look at the best way to build up recordings piece by piece, and we’ll also touch on the process of editing and compiling. And rounding things off, we have a collection of tips to help you achieve better recordings. Let’s plug in… 

This issue’s tutorials and videos cover:

  • Audio interface and preamp setup tips
  • Microphone technique explained
  • Recording vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, bass and everything else
  • Capturing a DI signal
  • Setting up hardware and software cue mixes
  • Recording, overdubbing and multiple takes
  • Comping and double-tracking
  • And more!

Watch one of the videos from the feature below, and get the rest only with CM270.


FREE VST/AU/AAX Effect: Chorus CM

This month’s free plugin giveaway, coded by DSP experts HoRNet, is a sweet-sounding modulation effect you can’t get anywhere else. 

Get Chorus CM in VST, AU and AAX formats for PC and Mac with Computer Music issue 270, and watch the video below to see and hear the plugin in action. 



Jim Muir, aka Heist, has been a prominent feature on the drum ’n’ bass landscape since the early noughties, with a string of single and EP releases on labels including Metalheadz, Full Cycle, Ganja, Sumo Beatz, Playaz and his own Co-Lab. 

He also served as engineer to DnB royalty Goldie for almost a decade, and now divides his time between production, engineering and his private tuition service. 

May 2019 sees Jim unleash his debut album, Iacon, on Low Down Deep Records, one of the tracks from which – entitled Misery Guts – is the subject of this month’s Producer Masterclass session.

Watch the first half of the video below, and access the full video and interview feature with Computer Music issue 270.

NOTE: The video file isn't available with the magazine due to licensing reasons, but it can be streamed via a link in the print or digital issue (all formats).



This issue’s royalty-free sample packs are…

  • 808 WEIGHT – an exclusive pack of punchy kicks, cone-crushing bass tones and more
  • LOOPMASTERS CM270 – choice cuts from the label’s latest releases


  • An exclusive interview with experimental producer JON HOPKINS
  • Find out how to use iZotope’s pro vocal plugin in our NECTAR 3 POWER GUIDE
  • Explore DIGITAL MODULAR SYNTHESIS with your free Fathom CM synth
  • Get your head around RELATIVE & PARALLEL KEYS with music theory expert Dave Clews
  • ACM tutor Shea Stedford breaks down his tricks for ADVANCED AMBIENCE
  • 22 reviews of the latest music-making products including Softube Parallels, Tracktion Waveform 10, Audio Damage Enso, NI Komplete Audio 1 & 2, Process.Audio Sugar, PSP Audioware Hertzrider and more


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Digital editions include all extra content, now available via FileSilo (see page 5 in the mag)

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