The EVE Audio SC3070 monitors: 3-way, compact and affordable. Need you ask for more?

EVE Audio first announced the SC3070 back in January at Winter NAMM with an impressive spec-list. A perfect speaker setup for producers who need power and precision but without the bulk of your average 3-way monitor.

The Berlin-based specialist has taken the detailed mid-range reproduction from its larger SC407 model and condensed it into an ultra-compact 3-way monitor that is suited for recording and mastering environments where space is at a premium.

Despite being a fully-fledged tri-amplified near/midfield monitor, the SC3070 is the more affordable option when compared to the larger SC407 model.

Featuring EVE Audio’s proprietary RS3 AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter, the SC3070 is backed up with a 4-inch glass-fibre honeycomb driver delivering those detailed mids and a 6.5-inch glass-fibre coated honeycomb membrane woofer pumping out a powerful bass response.

Each driver features dedicated Class D amplifiers, with the AMT powered by 50 watts, the 4-inch driver at 100 watts and low frequencies driven by 185 watts of power.

As well as promising to be the most compact tri-amped monitor solution currently on the market, the SC3070 also features the same high-resolution 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown A/D converters found throughout the entire SC range and DSP control for integrating the speakers into any monitoring environment.

The SC3070 monitors retail at £1,514 each and you can find out more detailed specs and info on where to buy on the EVE Audio website.


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