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The 8 best website builders for musicians and bands 2021: get your music heard and sell some merch

Best website builders for musicians and bands 2021: sell your merch and get your music heard
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So, you want to make a site for your band or music project? You'll need one of the best website builders for musicians. There are plenty of online building services available for quickly creating a functional website, but not all are geared up for the specific needs of music makers. Whether you’re a DJ, a producer or you're in a band, the best website builders for musicians enable you to create a space to host your work, sell merchandise, keep fans updated on events and so much more.

As bands around the world face an empty gig list for the time being, now could be the time to get your online home up-to-date, enabling you to create and sell merch, encourage people to stream your music and to promote alternative revenue streams.

With so many options available, you first need to zero in on the main purpose of your music website. If it’s purely to build a fanbase for your music or get people along to events, a simple option like Tumblr or Squarespace should suffice. If your primary goal is to sell music and merchandise, you’d be better off exploring an eCommerce-focused website builder like Music Glue.

Alternatively, Bandzoogle has all that functionality and more - share your music, host a blog, embed video, create event calendars, sign people up to your newsletter and sell stuff, all from the same site.

Best website builders for musicians: Services guide

Best website builders for musicians: Bandzoogle

1. Bandzoogle

Hands down the best website builder for musicians

Reasons to buy
+Custom domains+Sell music and merch direct to fans, commission-free+Social media integration
Reasons to avoid
-Limited template options

As the name suggests, Bandzoogle is a website builder aimed squarely at music makers, and it was founded by musicians, too.

Building your Bandzoogle site is easy: choose from hundreds of templates, then use drag and drop tools to add page furniture and customise, fonts, colours and layouts. Your site will be mobile-friendly, too, so it will work seamlessly on all devices.

Importantly, it’s easy to add your tunes and stream them direct from your site. If you have media on Soundcloud, Bandcamp or YouTube, you can integrate that. 

Bandzoogle is also a great market place for selling your music, merchandise and tickets direct to fans. Unlike other website builders for musicians, Bandzoogle doesn’t make any commission from sales.

If you’re looking to grow your fan community you can add an email sign-up widget to your site and integrate a gig calendar so people know where you’re performing next. If you already use Bandsintown you can sync your account with your Bandzoogle site.

Best website builders for musicians: Wix

2. Wix

Huge design options for every type of musician

Reasons to buy
+Wide selection of templates+Range of subscription options+Add your own music and videos+Comprehensive analytics

It’s easy to create a music website from scratch using Wix, thanks to great drag and drop tools, or you can choose from a multitude of striking custom templates aimed squarely at musicians - these are broken down into useful categories including DJ & Producer, Solo Artist and Band.

If you can’t find a template you like, answer a few questions using the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) system and a site will be created for you. Your site will deliver all the musician-friendly benefits you’d expect from a premium website builder, from connecting your social media channels and embedding music videos and other media, to mobile optimisation.

If you already use tour promotion and ticketing services likes Bandsintown or Songkick, these can be easily incorporated into your Wix site, too.

Most notably for musicians, it’s easy to upload your own tracks – FLAC & 320kbs MP3 files – enabling fans to hear your music directly on the site without needing to download any extra software. 

If your ultimate goal is to sell music and merchandise, you can do this commission-free, direct from your Wix online shop. You’ll have plenty of stats and analytics at your fingertips in order to monitor performance and fine-tune your approach to marketing.

Best website builders for musicians: Squarespace

3. Squarespace

A do-it-all builder offering stunning design options

Reasons to buy
+Award-winning template designs+Unlimited storage+Third-party website integration
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly expensive

Squarespace is a great website builder for musicians if premium design, reliability and flexibility are at the top of your wishlist. Their huge range of templates, including bespoke options for music and entertainment, have won awards.

Although Squarespace isn’t designed specifically for musicians, there’s plenty on offer for music makers. Integration with music-friendly third-party sites include Eventbrite, Soundcloud and all the usual social media suspects, without the need to install any additional plugins. What’s more, if you have music or merch to sell it's easy to set up an online store.

Squarespace offers unlimited storage and bandwidth so you’re free to load up on images, music and video, and you can blog to your heart’s content, updating fans on news, documenting your time in the studio or diarising your latest tour.

Squarespace offers a free trial so you can dip your toes in the water, after which you’ll need to spend £15 per month to take advantage of the full eCommerce setup.

Best website builder for musicians: Music Glue

(Image credit: Music Glue)

4. Music Glue

The best website builder for selling music and merchandise

Reasons to buy
+eCommerce focus+Proven performance with known bands
Reasons to avoid
-Music Glue takes a cut of sales-Less community-focused site

Music Glue is focused more on the eCommerce side of music, enabling you to sell tracks, albums, merchandise and tickets with ease, direct to your fans from a single place. If you need further convincing, Music Glue has form, managing the online sales for huge acts including Metallica, Iron Maiden and Blondie.

Building a mobile-friendly site is free, so you needn’t worry about monthly fees. There is a limited number of themes to choose from, which you can customise easily and also bring over your own custom domain name. There is a catch however: Music Glue takes a 10% slice of your earnings. Worth thinking about before you pull the trigger.

If it’s t-shirts you’re selling, you can make your own, or Music Glue even offers its own print on demand service with no upfront costs, so there’s no need to worry about packaging or storage.

The more immersed you become in online selling, the more creative you can get. Music Glue enables you to run pre-order campaigns and offer perks, merch bundles and even VIP ticket packages to fans in order to boost sales.

Best website builders for musicians: Bandvista

5. BandVista

The quickest way to build a music website

Reasons to buy
+Commission-free merch sales+Designed specifically for bands and musicians+Easy to set up
Reasons to avoid
-Might be too basic for some

If you need a simple, mobile-friendly music website up and running quickly, BandVista is worth exploring. While the templates aren’t the most refined, it’s the features you can offer your fans that really set BandVista apart.

For starters, there’s an integrated music player, so your fans can instantly get a flavour of your sound and style. In addition, it’s a breeze to embed video from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Blogging is a great way to keep fans updated on your latest activity, and there’s the option of adding an email sign-up widget so you can share a regular newsletter with fans.

While eCommerce isn’t BandVista’s strongest suit, it’s easy to create a basic online store to sell merchandise and music. What’s more, you keep 100% of the profits.

BandVista offers a free trial. Beyond that, prices range from $9.95 to $15.85 per month. These packages include perks such as selecting your own custom domain name and the ability to upload a large number of tracks.

Best website builders for musicians: Difymusic

6. Difymusic

A great option for DIY musicians

Reasons to buy
+Set up by music industry pros+Quick and easy to build your site+Difymusic can make merchandise for you
Reasons to avoid
-Not a huge range of features

Difymusic means Do It For Your Music and was designed by a team of music industry professionals who understand the needs of musicians.

While this particular website builder doesn’t offer huge options in terms of design tools and functionality, if your goal is to get your music online quickly and easily Difymusic is worth a look, particularly if you also want to sell music or merchandise. The entire set-up is pretty straightforward, which should appeal to less tech-savvy musicians.

The builder relies on plugins to add music to your site, but supports a wide range - including Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer and Apple Music - so you should be able to add tunes to your site without issue. 

You can also use the service to make and sell your merchandise; Difymusic can manufacture everything from t-shirts and CDs, to vinyl and stickers. Adding your own shop comes at a price, but it’s a one-off fee of 9.99 Euros. Once up and running, Difymusic charges a 5% commission on sales if you choose to manage your own stock, or a 20% commission if you leave that in their hands.

Best website builders for musicians: Tumblr

7. Tumblr

A great free website builder option

Reasons to buy
+Free to use+Useful social elements+Upload up to 10MB of music daily
Reasons to avoid
-No eCommerce options

If you don’t have much (or any) budget to splash on a new site, Tumblr offers plenty of features and tools for musicians looking to get their music out there, and it doesn’t cost a penny. 

It’s essentially a blogging site, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s possible to customise the look of your blog via a range of themes, and there are paid-for options if you want something a little more upmarket.

The jewel in Tumblr’s crown as far as musicians are concerned is that you can upload up to 10MB of MP3 files to your blog every day. If you’re a particularly productive musician, this is a great way to share your moments of inspiration.

Tumblr also benefits from placing you within an already bustling community of artists, musicians and creatives to interact with, support and share content.

In addition to the main blog element, it’s possible to add additional pages to your Tumblr site which can include everything from a gallery or videos, to a contact form which you could use for event bookings, collaborations and more. What’s more, you can upload posts direct from the Tumblr app on your smart device.

Best website builders for musicians: Weebly

8. Weebly

A supremely customisable website builder

Reasons to buy
+Deep analytics via Weebly app+Fast and secure+Plenty of site customisation options
Reasons to avoid
-Advanced features unlocked at a cost

Weebly isn’t specifically aimed at musicians, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer plenty of scope for creating an imaginative, engaging website for hosting your music and connecting with fans. 

Each of Weebly’s stylish themes is ready to launch straight away and can be customised to suit your needs, including video backgrounds, animated effects, plus music and video hosting. There’s even image editing tools built-in so you can fine-tune the style of the pictures on your site.

If you’re a more advanced user, custom HTML/CSS and Javascript tools enable you to delve deeper into your site and tailor it to your needs. 

If numbers are your bag, it’s easy to track site performance using the Weebly app, or create marketing campaigns to widen your fanbase.

A Weebly site is free to set-up. If you want to connect a domain name you already own that will cost £4 per month, or go pro for £9 and bag unlimited storage, a free domain name and an online store.

Best website builders for musicians: Buying advice

Band discusses the design of their website

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How do the best website builders for musicians work?

The best website builders for musicians are designed to take the head-scratching out of creating an online home for your art; gone are the days of needing to enlist the skills and pay the sky-high prices of a web designer.

Most sites offer custom templates as a starting point or a simple drag and drop system enabling you to place page furniture and features where you need them on the page. There is no need for any coding - so you should never feel out of your depth - unless this is something you particularly want to get your hands dirty with (hey, it's certainly a useful skill to have).

Most website builders for musicians also offer search engine optimisation (SEO) features as standard, helping people to find your music more easily, and you’ll have plenty of analytics at your fingertips to help you dive deep into data about your audience and to see how many people are listening to your tunes.

Most of the sites in this best website builders for musicians guide include a free trial so you can experiment with creating a site before committing to a subscription plan. In terms of pricing, the more you spend on a subscription plan, the more features you will unlock, so it’s worth making an initial list of your specific needs and  investing in a service that fulfills all of those short- and long-term goals.

There are also some free website builder options out there too, but according to the experts at TechRadar, you get what you pay for. So, if you want to include more advanced features like eCommerce, or you'd prefer your fans not to be bombarded with ads, then you'll need to factor that into your budget.

Read to build a site? Hit the 'services guide & reviews' button above to check out our top picks.

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