The AnalogFusion from FingerSonic could be everything you want in a synthesizer

FingerSonic has dropped the news of its latest synth and on paper, it’s no slouch. The AnalogFusion, as the name suggests, is a hybrid polysynth, sporting 13 digital and analogue voices.

The folk at FongerSonic are unabashed in describing the AnalogFusion as an instrument with “all the features you can dream off and usually find on prestigious vintage synthesizers.”

Split into two distinct areas, the AF comes with six analogue voices all comprised of two oscillators (saw, pulse and triangle waveforms) with PWM, three LFOs, hard-sync, ring modulation, a multimode filter, plus white and pink noise generators. The oscillators are detunable and all the analogue circuitry is made with discrete components.

There is also one more analogue voice, which isn’t so feature rich, but doesn’t need to be as it is designed as a dedicated bass voice, with one oscillator (saw and square waveforms) and a filter.

Moving onto the digital-side of things, you are treated to three main areas: Virtual Analog has two oscillators, a multimode filter, two envelopes and three LFOs. The FM section includes operators with a multimode filter for each voice. A wavetable synth engine is also joined by a  dedicated drum section with 10 instruments. And breathe…

Globally, the layer mode allows to stack the analogue and digital engines for some serious sound design possibilities and you’ll also find a 14-track sequencer and three arpeggiators lurking within.

The FX section is entirely digital and includes delay, chorus and distortion, but can be completely bypassed, should you want to keep the signal-chain entirely analogue.

Currently there’s no word on price and, according to the FingerSonic website, not available till next summer. It’s also worth mentioning that the design and specs are subject to change without notice, so we could see some changes before the final release date.

AnalogFusion specs

  • 3 x ARM Cortex processors
  • 12v DC external adaptor (included).
  • SD card slot
  • USB 2.0 
  • Headphone output
  • 2 x Mix output (L & R)
  • 1 x Analog synth ouput
  • 1 x Analog Bass ouput
  • 1 x DAC output
  • 3 x DIN MIDI – in, out, thru
  • 3.5mm CV/Gate interface 1V/Octave
  • 1 x Pedal input
  • 3.5″ 320×480 TFT LCD display
  • 14-track sequencer
  • 3 x arpeggiators
  • Dimensions 640 X 360 X 100 mm

Analogue synth engine

  • 6 x 100% analogue voices
  • 2 x oscillators per voice (saw/square/PWM/triangle/noise)
  • 3 x hard-sync mode and ring modulation
  • 3 x LFOs (saw/square/PWM/triangle/random) to modulate pitch, filter and PWM
  • Multimode filter LP24db/LP12db/BP/HP

Analogue bass engine

  • 1 x additional pure analogue voice dedicated to Bass
  • 1 x oscillator (Saw/Square)
  • 1 x 24db VCF

Digital synth engine

  • 6 x digital synth voices configurable as:
  • Virtual analogue, FM, or wavetable
  • 10 drum parts
  • Sample rate 44.1Khz
  • Bit depth 16-bit
Simon Arblaster
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