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The Analog Pro plugin makes your music sound like it’s being played on tape or vinyl

Initial Audio’s Analog Pro is the latest plugin to embrace the imperfections of vintage hardware. It does this by emulating the way that the likes of tape machines, valves and vinyl turntables warm up and saturate your audio via the Wow and Flutter controls.

As well as knobs for these, Analog Pro also enables you to adjust the Noise Level, Noise Type, Impulse Type, Impulse Mix, Emphasis, Stereo, Lowcut and Highcut. It’s said to be great for use on the likes of piano and brass but, obviously, you can try it on anything.

Analog Pro is available at the introductory price of £15.11 - a 75% discount on the regular price of £60.47. It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats. Find out more on the Initial Audio website.