The acclaimed Pearl Jam-inspired Funny Little Boxes 1991 is now a gold standard overdrive pedal

Funny Little Boxes 1991 pedal in Gold Sparkle
(Image credit: Funny Little Boxes)

We love the 1991 overdrive pedal – our review made that clear – but Funny Little Boxes' debut release has been un unmistakably pink shade… until now. It's time to go for gold.

Following on from the equally impressed Queens Of The Stone Age Skeleton Key drive from Andy Llgunas's UK brand, this new hue has actually been the result of circumstances beyond FLB's control. But we certainly like the result regardless.

I have taken the decision to use this situation as an opportunity to produce the 1991 in limited edition colourways

"Without warning, the particular shade of pink that is used for the enclosure of the 1991 was discontinued due to my supplier running out and being unable to source any more of it, which sadly remains the case with no sign of a restock any time soon," explains Andy.

"I have taken the decision to use this situation as an opportunity to produce the 1991 in limited edition colourways," he adds. "The first of which being the rather fetching sparkly gold outfit you can see above. I can assure you it is a cosmetic difference only. The circuit is still exactly the same in every way and completely uncompromised."

Pearl Jam "Ten" Tones and MORE...for £99 | Funny Little Boxes "1991" Pedal Demo - YouTube Pearl Jam
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The 1991 pedal is still in high demand but waiting times have dropped to 3-4 weeks. And it's worth waiting for – inspired by Pearl Jam's Ten and specifically, Stone Gossard's Marshall tube amp / Tube Screamer tone on the song Alive, I've found it a versatile drive that stacks great with my Wampler Tumnus too. A real workhorse pairing on the pedalboard!

For more information visit the Funny Little Boxes website and check out some great demos from Matt Webster of YouTube channel Let's Play All above and below – Matt has played an active role in developing the 1991 and Skeleton Key pedals, and also the forthcoming third pedal release from the company that's hopefully not too far away. 

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