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Teenage Engineering reveal the TX-6 mixer and audio interface

Teenage Engineering have announced the release of a new product, the TX-6 ultra-portable pro-mixer. A 6-channel stereo mixer with built-in EQ, compressor and digital effects, the mixer can also be used as a multi-functional USB audio interface.

There are some nifty extras packed into the TX-6's compact form factor, including an instrument tuner and built-in sound generator that utilises four waveforms and four drum sounds. The mixer's powered by a rechargeable battery, so it should be useful as an on-the-go mixing solution for live performance or outdoor music-making. It's also equipped with MFi and BLE, so it'll be quick and easy to connect with other portable devices.

Armed with eight built-in effects, the TX-6 offers reverb, chorus, delay, freeze, tape, filter and distortion. Each of its six channels has its own three-band EQ and adjustable compressor. The mixer can also be flipped on its side and used in what TE calls "DJ mode", where channel 1 becomes a fader that crossfades between channels 5 and 6.

The TX-6 is said to be the first release in a series of products called "field system", which Teenage Engineering say are "designed with portability, compatibility and durability in mind" and "driven by a desire to rethink the way we approach music making". According to their press release, more devices and accessories in this vein are on the way.

The TX-6 looks great - but it's expensive. Wildly expensive. At £1199, the TX-6 costs just £99 less than the latest M1 Macbook Pro. Most portable mixers with this specification come in at about a tenth of this price. And if you're looking for portable music-making ability, you could get an MPC Live II, with a similar amount of I/O and what's essentially a full DAW inside of it, for over £300 less. That said, if you've got the cash, it's a beautiful looking piece of kit. 

Find out more over at Teenage Engineering's website.


(Image credit: Teenage Engineering)

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