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Yamaha references CS, DX, CP and YC lines in latest Reface video

As promised on the Yamaha Synth website, the latest teaser video for Reface - Yamaha's new revival synth range - was revealed on Monday.

The video opens with the logos CS, DX, CP and YC, adding two more classic Yamaha product lines to those already revealed. The new instruments look to be referencing the popular CP stage pianos and YC combo organs.

Also found on the Yamaha Synth Facebook page was this image, with the tagline "Got a favorite color?" This provides more evidence that the Reface range will indeed be featuring four products.

Much like the first two videos, the third focuses on capturing artists' and producers' first impressions of the products, without giving too much away. For those who can't wait for the launch, you can watch the countdown timer on the Yamaha Synth page.