Win a Focusrite 8Pre and Softube plugins and enjoy super-low-latency recording

Focusrite's 8Pre interface enables you to achieve a round-trip latency level of as low as 1.67ms.
Focusrite's 8Pre interface enables you to achieve a round-trip latency level of as low as 1.67ms.

In the past, tracking through native plugins in real-time was a no no. The problem, as many of us will recall, was latency - the term given to the perceptible delay between playing and hearing your recordings.

With Focusrite's Clarett interfaces, however, latency simply isn't an issue. You can add the likes of EQ, compression, reverb and delay to your input signal as if they were hardware effects. And if you're a guitarist, you can fire up an amp sim plugin and enjoy the feel and responsiveness of the real thing.

This can all be achieved without any additional hardware DSP or a mixer: a Clarett interface is all that's required. You can achieve a round-trip latency level of as low as 1.67ms (tested in Logic Pro X at 96kHz with a 32-sample buffer). So low that you simply won't notice it, in other words.

If you want to bring the benefits of super-low-latency recording to your studio, you need to enter our competition, which could see you winning a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre interface. This features eight high-quality mic preamps, all of which can make use of the unique Air feature. This is designed to provide a sweeter, brighter response to high-frequency content.

The prize also includes over $2000 worth of plugins from highly-regarded developer Softube. Whether you want to record guitars with Vintage Amp Room, mix vocals with the Summit Audio Grand channel or master with Drawmer 1973, this collection provides you with the tools you need to mix with confidence.

The bundle also includes the Heartbeat drum machine and Softube's newest instrument Modular, a modular synthesizer plugin that offers the world's first official software emulations of Doepfer and Intellijel modules. Of course, all of these plugins can be used in realtime thanks to the super-low-latency environment provided by Clarett interfaces.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is watch a video on the Focusrite website and answer a simple question. Good luck!