What's the best VST/AU plugin drum machine in the world today?

Which software do you use to make your beats?
Which software do you use to make your beats?

Drum machines have shaped the sound of electronic music over the past 30 years or so, but while some still choose to use hardware models, a majority of us now make our beats exclusively in software.

There are several ways of doing this, but one of the most intuitive - not to mention fun - is to invest in a drum machine plugin. Predictably enough, there are plenty of these to choose from: some emulate classic hardware boxes from the past, while others plough their own rhythmic furrows.

What we want to know is which one of these plugins you rate most highly. Below you'll find a list of the software that made it into our round-up of the best drum machines in 2013, plus a couple more that have been released since.

Note that we're not including drum samplers/modules here: in order to qualify for this list, a plugin has to have its own sequencing capabilities.

With that made clear, take a look at the shortlist and place your vote. We'll bring you the results at the end of next week…

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