Virtual online studio launches

This fine collection of vintage hardware is waiting for you online
This fine collection of vintage 'hardware' is waiting for you online.

The Hobnox Audiotool is one of the finest online music making tools that we´ve seen thus far. This is a Flash-based application that enables you to compose using synths, a drum machine and effects from your web browser.

Despite the fact that their names are obscured by some judiciously placed ‘stickers´ (for copyright reasons, presumably) it´s clear that the drum machine and synths in Audiotool are emulations of Roland´s TR-909 and TB-303 boxes.

The outputs from these - and in the case of the 909, we´re talking each individual drum - can be outputted either directly to a 12-channel mixer, or via the selection of stompboxes that you´ll find at the bottom of the interface.

To move around the screen, simply click and drag on the background. Virtual cables can be connected by clicking on an arrow next to an output and dragging to an arrow next to an input.

Hobnox Audiotool is great fun and scarily addictive. Give it a go, but make sure you´ve got an hour or two to spare when you do…