Virgin Atlantic installs Pro Tools 'studio' in its Heathrow Clubhouse lounge

Airline Virgin Atlantic has installed a Pro Tools workstation into its swanky Clubhouse lounge at London's Heathrow Airport.

The 'studio' - which was unveiled this week - comprises a Mac running Pro Tools 10, mixer control surface and midi keyboard. It will be available in the company's £11m, exclusive lounge at Heathrow, which already features a cocktail bar, restaurants, office space, library and spa.

Virgin says "Atlantic's flights to New York and Los Angeles have long been popular with workers from the entertainment industry, and from now on any musician in need of a place to do some last minute editing, or to indulge a creative spark, can use the studio's industry standard digital editing and mixings system to do so."

There's no word, as yet, on whether the airline intends to cater for users of Logic, Live or Reason, etc., in a similar manner.

Si Truss

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