UVI emulates three Roland classics with new soft-synth, the UVX-10P

UVI has released a new soft-synth for its free UVI Workstation, the UVX-10P.

The synth has been inspired by three analogue classics from Roland's history: the JX-10, MKS-70 and JX-8P, and promises "all of the strengths of the JX series with none of the weaknesses."

According to UVI: "As with the UVX-3P we made every sample twice, with and without the built-in chorus, providing an authentic and versatile foundation.

"This sonic backbone paired with the UVI Engine results in a lush and extravagant analogue sound; faithful to the hardware with a modern studio bite."

Alongside the usual amp envelope, multimode filter and LFO, the UVX-10P comes along with a step modulator, an in-built effects section, and 172 presets.

The UVX-10P retails at $99. For more information, visit UVI.