Unfiltered Audio's Fault lets you play with pitch and time

Unfiltered Audio's Fault promises to give you control over pitch and time that you can't get from any other plugin, and is designed to be used both correctively and creatively.

There are three main processors in its spectral arsenal: dual-channel pitch shifters that can musically retune sounds up or down by as much as an octave; a stereo frequency shifter that can be modulated by FM controls; and stereo delays equipped with cross-channel feedback and filters. What's more, every control can itself be controlled dynamically by up to six modulators.

So much for the specs, but what about the possible applications? These are said to be limited "only by your imagination" and include adding 'richness' to tracks, bringing sizzle to snares and creating automatic double tracking effects.

As well as being capable of producing esoteric sounds, Fault is also said to be able to produce more regular effects such as ping-pong delays, chorus, flanging and more.

Over 100 presets come included courtesy of the likes of Richard Devine, The Crystal Method, Mirrorball Entertainment and Air Studios' Toby Pitman.

You can find out more about Fault and download a 14-day fully-functional demo on the Plugin Alliance website. It's available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and costs $99.

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