TouchKeys to bring DIY multi-touch expression to any keyboard

TouchKeys is a new Kickstarter-funded development project from London-based developer Andrew McPherson. It's a system of sensors designed to be attached as an overlay to any existing keyboard, adding continuous expressive control.

Once attached, the sensors can be used in conjunction with the associated TouchKeys software to control parameters like vibrato, pitch bend, filter cutoffs or any manner of synth of effect parameters. The software, according to the project site, will work with any MIDI or OSC-compatible instrument.

TouchKeys systems can be pre-ordered - as Kickstarter rewards - either as stand-alone DIY packs or pre-installed on to Novation Impulse or Doepfer 88 MIDI controllers.

Prices start at £330, for an early-bird 25-key DIY pack, and the systems are expected to ship in January 2014.

Head over to the project's Kickstarter site to find out more and watch a video of the system in action.

Si Truss

I'm Editor-in-Chief of Music Technology, working with Future Music, Computer Music, Electronic Musician and MusicRadar. I've been messing around with music tech in various forms for over two decades. I've also spent the last 10 years forgetting how to play guitar. Find me in the chillout room at raves complaining that it's past my bedtime.