Tone2 announces Electra2 plugin synth

Tone2's ElectraX is a great 'do it all' plugin synth, so we're pleased to be able to report that a successor, Electra2 has been announced. It may have lost an X, but it's gained a fistful of new features.

Electra 2 promises to arrive with "a high quality sound engine, multilayer support and a large range of music production features". Here's a summary what's new:

  • Over 700 additional patches
  • All factory sounds were completely reworked
  • Comfortable patch browser
  • Sample editor
  • Physical modelling synthesis
  • 16 new effects
  • 5 new filter types
  • 236 additional waveforms
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • New graphics
  • Better user interface
  • Enhanced performance
  • Electra2 is fully downward compatible with the previous version
  • A large number of further features and enhancements

Electra2 is coming in July and will be available from the Tone2 website. Pricing details are still to be confirmed.

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