Three Outkast albums due in 2009

Outkast: ready to return.
Outkast: ready to return.

Quirky hip-hop duo Outkast have revealed that they'll release three albums next year: both Big Boi and Andre 3000 have solo records in the works, and there'll also be set from the two of them.

Big Boi told MTV: "Me and 'Dre were on the conference call… He's working on his album; my album is done. We're gonna wait until the top of the year - January or February - to put it out.

"Then 'Dre is gonna come hit y'all, and [then] we're gonna do the Outkast album. So y'all gonna get three records from the 'Kast next year."

After 2006's patchy Idlewild, MusicRadar would be happy with just one consistently strong Outkast album, but if you want him to raise his game, Andre 3000 reckons a few harsh words might be in order.

"To be honest, I work best when people doubt me," he explains. "Actually, if you see me, tell me I'm wack. That's the best thing you can do for me. You know, if you want a greater album, say that. Say that!"

OK, Andre - you suck.

Ben Rogerson

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