Sugar Bytes' 'liquid modular' Factory polysynth rolls off the production line

First seen at Superbooth16, Sugar Bytes' new Factory synth has now been released. Billed as a 'liquid modular' instrument, we're told that "this is not your usual preset clicker," but "the one with the matrix".

Factory is a polysynth plugin built around a dual oscillator engine (plus a sub oscillator.) Each oscillator offers a range of waveshapes, including the standard analogue classics along with an assortment of wavetables, each with different shaping and tweaking options. It also features an invocation mixer section that's designed to aid the creation of snappy synthesised percussion parts, along with a multimode filter.

Factory's main USP, however, lies in its flexible modulation matrix, which offers eight source and eight destination slots, each of which can be assigned to any of an extensive list of available parameters. Coloured dots denote currently assigned routings with their size and hue representing the modulation depth.

The matrix also features an extensive variety of randomisation and parameter morphing tools, designed to inspire creative patch designed and allow users to creatively blend parameters. There's also a global A/B morphing tool for blending between synth sounds.

Alongside the core synth engine, Factory features a trio of assignable effects units, a built-in sequencer, an arpeggiator and a number of other modulation and sound shaping tools. Everything is housed in a single, multi-tab UI window, making Factory appear to be a very accessible and tweakable synth, whilst also being very powerful.

Factory is available now priced at $139/€139, and a demo can be downloaded, too. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.

Find out more on the Sugar Bytes website.

Sugar Bytes Factory features

  • 2x10 Oscillator Engines, plus Sub Osc (with RingMod mode) and Noise (with 5 Colors)
  • 8-Voice VA-Sync, FM, Transformer, Wavetable (6 Flavors), Waveguide, Fractal Synthesis
  • 11 New Filter models, matched to the oscillators
  • Morph Crossfader allows for morphing of all continuous parameters
  • "Liquid" Mod Matrix with 8 sources & 10 targets is the centerpiece of sound creation
  • 3x Multi-Effect with drag 'n' drop signal flow, incl. newest reverbs (Corpus, Piano, Spring, Shimmer)
  • 4x Sequencers for all kinds of Gates and CV's, incl. 36 motion curves, uni/bipolar
  • Arpeggiator, Intonation engine, Scale Quantizer
  • Over-Featured Envelopes, LFOs and Sample+Hold
Si Truss

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