Sugar Bytes announces Cyclop plug-in "wobble" synth

Sugar Bytes Cyclop one worth keeping an eye on
Sugar Bytes Cyclop: one worth keeping an eye on?

Acclaimed plug-in developer Sugar Bytes has revealed details of its latest project, a monophonic synth known as Cyclop.

Said to be "wobblier than a jelly on a space hopper", this sports an integrated sampler that also works as a wavetable synth and pitch transformer.

Other features include 10 filters, a wobble generator, a feedback processor, three overdrive units and an effects sequencer.

In terms of sounds, we're promised everything "from screaming analog syncs through brutal FM sounds to scintillating spectral shimmers".

That's all we have for now, but as Sugar Bytes suggests, we'll be 'keeping an eye' on Cyclops once it's released in the spring.