Stompbox-style mic preamp the Mixing Link arrives

Evantide has announced a new stompbox-sized vocal preamp, which is pun-tastically called the Mixing Link.

The preamp features an FX Loop function which can interface between your mic and guitar effects pedal or console - a factor which theoretically gives vocalists instant control over manipulating their voice on stage, and one which makes sense in light of the preamp's ability to fit snugly into a guitar pedalboard.

The pedal also features an 8" aux input which can be used to plug in your iPhone or mobile device to incorporate backing tracks live.

Evantide are adamant, however, that the pedal isn't just a live tool: speaking in the above video, a represent describes the pedal as being like a "swiss army knife" with many functions, and emphasises that the high quality nature of the preamp makes it ideal for studio use too.

The Mixing Link is shipping in December 2013, for £299. For more info, visit