Sonic Academy releases Nicky Romero-endorsed plugin Kick

Online production school Sonic Academy has released a new drum synth plugin, Kick, in collaboration with DJ Nicky Romero.

The plugin is, unsurprisingly, aimed primarily at creating kick drum parts, and features a sub-oscillator combined with a range of sampled clicks. There are envelope editors to control pitch, amp and click, along with EQ and drive controls and a Nicky Romero-designed distortion section.

Kick comes complete with 175 factory presets, alongside 40 presets designed by Romero. Romero also contributes 32 sampled clicks from his own collection to the plugin. Users can also import their own samples to form the click part of Kick's sounds, opening up plenty of possibilities for creating unique drum parts.

Kick is available now priced at £24.95/$39.95/€29.95. For more info or to buy, head over to Sonic Academy.

Si Truss

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