Slate Digital's Virtual Microphone System actually available

Slate Digital has announced that it is now shipping the long-awaited Virtual Microphone System, labelling it "the future of microphones".

First announced at NAMM 2014, news of the VMS pretty much melted most people's brains. The Slate Digital booth at the show was packed the entire time, as excited onlookers fought to see the product at work.

Fast forward two (and a bit) years and it's finally here. The system comprises the ML-1 condenser mic and VMS-One preamp, which are designed to deliver a transparent and sonically neutral signal into the plugin. This gives you a choice of three modelled microphones and two preamps, and operates with what we're told is zero latency.

The three microphones include the FG-47 - modelled, as the name would suggest, on the Neumann U47; the FG-800, which is based on the the Sony C800G; and, finally, the FM-251, which is modelled on the Telefunken 251.

As for the two preamps, there's the FG-73 Brit N Pre, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the AMS Neve 1173, while it's safe to say that the the FG-76 Vintage Pre is based on the Telefunken V76 tube preamp.

The Virtual Microphone System is available now for £899/$999 and more information can be found on the Slate Digital website.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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