Rob Papen wants you to hunt down his new Predator 2 synth

Could Predator 2 become your go-to synth?
Could Predator 2 become your go-to synth?

The Arnie-free Predator 2 movie may not have been up to much, but undeterred, Rob Papen has released a second-generation version of his Predator synth.

This includes an Easy page, which is designed to be used by those who don't need a full control set and just want quick access to the most important parameters. There's also a preset variations function, which is billed as "an intelligent randomiser".

Dig a little deeper and you find that all three oscillators are now of the dual variety, with Wave A and Wave B including a variety of mixed and morphed waves. There are also eight editable user waves, which can be controlled and edited with up to 256 partials. What's more, all oscillators and filters are now fully stereo.

The filter section itself is also beefier, with an expanded second filter and a third high-pass filter. The Unison mode now offers six unison sub-voices for each voice, and there's modulation fun to be had on the XY screen.

Check out the list below for additional specs. Predator 2 is available now for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats priced at €149/$149, though existing users can upgrade for €49/$49. Find out more on the Rob Papen website.

Rob Papen has also unveiled eXplorer4, an updated bundle that contains all 15 of his products. The full price is €499/$499, though discounts are available for those who own one or more Papen products. Again, you can find out more on the Rob Papen website.

Rob Papen Predator 2 features

  • Each oscillator is now dual, using two different waves (including the 8 user waves), with a variety of different waves of mixing / morphing between them
  • Each preset can hold up to 8 user waves, which can be combined into wave-sets, which can be traversed in different ways.
  • Each user wave is editable, using up to 256 partials, and with advanced commands to edit & shape these wavetables. Included with Predator 2 are many wave-tables and wave-sets.
  • Each filter & oscillator is now fully stereo
  • Much expanded second filter, with full controls & envelopes, plus a 3rd high pass filter
  • Improved unison mode, so that you can now have up-to 6 unison sub-voices for each full voice, allowing unison to work in all play modes
  • XY screen, with recordable paths, which can be used to modulate all the controls
  • Dual Arp (A & B), with join mode allowing you to have up 32 step Arp. Plus new Sequencer Arp mode
  • Increased envelopes & LFOs (up from 2 to 4)
  • Increased number of modulation steps (from 8 to 20), with advanced modulation mode allowing you to step limits & upper / lower amounts
  • Improved chord editing
  • Dual 3 band EQ with low / high pass filter which can be used pre / post of the effects.
  • Each section can have it's own presets, and commands such as clearing / copying / pasting
  • Easy mode
  • Big Screen mode
  • Much improved preset management, with find mode & tagging
  • Almost 6000 presets
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