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Reverbical plugin promises to make it easy to find your perfect space

Maybe a grid and a couple of knobs are all you need...
Maybe a grid and a couple of knobs are all you need...

RealtimeOnly claims that not only is its new Reverbical plugin a state of the art stereo reverb unit, but that it also offers a unique preset-based interface that makes operation easy and isn't focused on a slew of parameters.

Reverbical features a grid that enables you to switch between 96 presets just by clicking. This means you have quick access to a wide range of different 'spaces' - from light ambiences to large halls - and that you can switch between them in real time. The presets' size can be expanded or reduced with a single Space control.

If you want to keep things simple, that's all you need to know, but further controls can be accessed by opening the Deep Tweak view, which features a wide range of typical reverb parameters. There's even a rack-style view if you're that way inclined.

Find out more on the RealtimeOnly website. Reverbical is available now for $49 (this is an introductory price) and runs on PC and Mac as a VST/AU/AAX plugin. There's also a demo for you to try.

RealtimeOnly Reverbical features

  • High quality stereo reverb algorithm for any room size
  • One-click access to 96 presets per page, drag/drop-enabled
  • Easy to understand, straightforward control with only 2 main parameters
  • Deep tweak mode with individual delay and absorption settings
  • Smooth parameter and preset switching
  • Early Reflection colouring for diversity especially with small spaces
  • Wide Late reflection stereo image based on a human perception model
  • Fantastic artists and sound designers presets
  • Freeze feature, Late PreDelay, individual Dry and Wet Gain
  • DryWet Lock and Space Lock to keep the same mix/space value when switching presets
  • Setting to preserve or discard user edits when switching presets
  • Preset management with clipboard integration
  • Visual colour-coding of similar room type presets (4 modes)
  • 3 switchable View modes: Grid, Deep Tweak, Classic
  • Highly performance optimized C++ code using SSE instructions
  • No dongle or internet access required for activation
  • For VST, AudioUnit, AAX for OSX and Windows, in 32 or 64 bit versions