Rave power: Dancefloor generates electricity

Dance to save the world yeah
Dance to save the world, yeah

A UK dance brand Club4Climate is attempting to harness the energy of clubbers by installing a power-generating 'piezoelectric' dancefloor.

The bouncing floor is made of springs and a series of crystal blocks. When squashed by the dancing movements from above (that's the piezo science), these produce an electrical current. The current charges batteries, which in turn power parts of the nightclub.

This isn't the first project of its kind - in adopting the 'dance to save the world' philosophy, Club4Climate has joined the Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam. The two brands have teamed up to launch a sustainable clubbing initiative that includes rainwater-flushing toilets and a club powered by urine and sweat. The first event, at Watt nightclub in Rotterdam, is set to be launched by none other than sweaty Amy Winehouse.

How the dancefloor works