Propellerhead releases Thor for iPad

Ever since its release last year, we've been fans of Propellerhead's neat little Reason-powered synth app Figure - an app packed with excellent sounds and featuring one of the most well-implemented touchscreen interfaces on iOS.

For all its plus points though, Figure is limited; the app lacks deep control of the synth engine, and doesn't integrate with Reason as fully as we'd have liked it to. In short, it left us hungry for some kind of meatier iOS offering from Propellerhead.

Thankfully, it looks like the Swedish developer may have delivered just that in the shape of Thor for iPad.

The new app is an iPad port of Reason's excellent flagship polysynth, featuring three oscillator slots, each of which can be loaded with one of six oscillator types, along with three filter slots that can hold any assortment of Thor's four filter types. The app also features the same expansive Routing mode as the original, which allows for a seemingly endless list of modulation options.

Alongside the features of its bigger sibling, the iOS Thor features a resizable chromatic keyboard with a Collapse function, which allows the keyboard to fold down to feature just the notes in a selected scale (in a similar style to Figure's interface.) The keyboard also features Strum and Hit modes, allowing chords to be strummed with the swipe of a finger, or triggered as a single hit.

Pleasingly, the iOS version of Thor also syncs patches bi-directionally with its counterpart in Reason, meaning that users can develop sounds and patches on the go, and then port them across to the DAW.

Thor for iPad is available from the App Store now priced £10.49/$14.99

For full spec and details head to the Propellerhead site

Si Truss

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