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Play any sound you like on the Oval "digital handpan"

Oval Sound is seeking funding for Oval, a new electronic instrument that it describes as "the first digital handpan".

Designed to work with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, this circular device features a ring of multi-sensing pads that respond to velocity, pressure and X/Y location. They're also illuminated with LEDs, which can be used to aid learning and to play "musical games".

The Oval is both MIDI- and OSC-compatible, and can be connected to either your existing music software or the dedicated app. This enables you to to upload sounds and play them in different scales, add effects, adjust the pads' sensitivity and share content. It also contains a 4-track looper.

The Oval Kickstarter campaign is already up and running; you can pre-order one of the devices for €399. The full retail price is projected to be €599 or more.