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Orion Galaxy Omega 8 is a synth for the space age

We take it that the sound will be 'out of this world'.
We take it that the sound will be 'out of this world'.

Studio Electronics' Orion Galaxy Omega 8 is, quite simply, a synth like no other. Just look at it. Have you ever seen anything like that?

Featuring a quasi-futuristic design that's unashamedly Kubrickian, the innards of the Galaxy Omega aren't actually new. Stuffed inside are the guts of the standard Omega 8 - an 8-voice analogue synth that was originally released by Studio Electronics in 2000. The Galaxy version will come with a new sound bank, though.

The striking design is the work of one Antoine Argentieres, who created the Galaxy in collaboration with American boutique guitar amp builder Tim Caswell. No word yet on how much it'll cost, but given Studio Electronics' statement that it's been created for "those have the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission," our first and only guess would be 'a lot'.

You can find out more - but not a great deal more - on the Studio Electronics website.

(via MusicThing)