New Tonium Pacemaker on the way

Will Tonium continue to set the handheld DJing pace?
Will Tonium continue to set the handheld DJing pace?

Tonium's Pacemaker is a genuinely useable handheld DJing device, and the good news is that we'll soon have a new version to play with.

The updated Pacemaker features a reworked user interface that promises to enable first-time users to start DJing as soon as they take the thing out of the box. There's now automatic beatmatching, too.

The device contains a 60GB hard disk, which Tonium says gives you enough space to store 15,000 songs (though this number will depend on their quality).

Ola Sars, Tonium's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: "The concept behind the new Pacemaker centres around accessibility. Our company was founded on the belief that musical inspiration should be created by anyone and shared with everyone.

"With the new Pacemaker, the goal was to remove all barriers and let anyone interact and experiment with their music."

Sadly, Pacemaker mkII's detailed specs haven't yet been released - we'll get them (and, presumably, pricing information) prior to the product's launch in the Spring.

Ben Rogerson

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