New Jay-Z song leaks online

Jay-Z's forgotten all about Glastonbury
Jay-Z's forgotten all about Glastonbury

Brooklyn (Go Hard), Jay-Z's collaboration with Santogold from the Notorious soundtrack, has been leaked online.

Produced by Kayne West, it's the first single from Notorious, which is due 13 January.

It's the third recording to emerge from the West-produced sessions for the album The Blueprint 3, due early 2009. The last of the Blueprint trilogy, it'll mark the end of Jay-Z's deal with Def Jam before he begins recording for Live Nation.

Of the Blueprint 3 sessions, Kanye West has leaked two other tracks, Jockin' Jay-Z and History, both of which can be seen below.

As for Brooklyn (Go Hard), which you can see below, it is unclear whether the MC himself will shoot a video for the song, but graphic designer Evan Roth produced and released a clip yesterday with an open code allowing viewers to access the video and create their own designs in Roth's Typographic Illustration style.

Roth was asked to produce the video by RED & the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa. The clip went live as part of the World AIDS Day commemoration on

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