New iMacs on the way?

The iMac's physical appearance is unlikely to change.
The iMac's physical appearance is unlikely to change. (Image credit: Image courtesy of Apple)

Now that Apple has unveiled its updated MacBook line, the attention of rumour mongers has shifted to the potential specs and release date of the new iMacs.

Many are predicting that these will be available before Christmas - probably in November - though it seems unlikely that there will be any physical changes. The new MacBooks take several design cues from Apple's all-in-one desktop machines, so to do away with the black-framed screens and aluminium finishes at this stage wouldn't make sense.

Instead, most observers believe that the 20- and 24-inch models will get faster processors, and probably NVIDIA graphics cards, too (these were notable inclusions in the new laptops).

There's also a chance that we could see a 30-inch model - this would be very appealing to musicians who demand a lot of screen real estate for their DAW and plug-ins.

Bigger hard drives are likely, and it's also possible that solid state storage options could be offered. As for FireWire ports… well, who knows?

The fate of the Mac mini is also up for debate. This is due an update, too, but there's speculation that it may be ditched from the Apple product line altogether.

(Via The AppleBlog)

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