NAMM 2013: Moog releases teaser video for its new synth

NAMM 2013: Iconic synth manufacturer Moog Music has a new analogue instrument due to be unveiled later this month at NAMM 2013 and in the video above - posted yesterday on the company's YouTube channel - we get our first glimpse at this latest offering.

Filmed at Moogfest 2012, the video features synth pioneer and co-designer of the original Moog modular synth, Professor Herb Deutsch, getting to grips with a prototype of the new instrument while it was still in its research and development phase.

In the video Deutsch demonstrates various features of the as yet nameless instrument, including the filter section's Multidrive gain/overdrive control, the redesigned oscillators and noise generator, and the classic Moog filter.

According to Moog, the first 24 of these new synths are being handcrafted at the Moog Factory this week, ready for the kickoff of NAMM on Jan 24.

Si Truss

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