Monotone Delay synth released for iPad and iPhone

Developer Justus Kandzi has released the Monotone Delay for iPad and iPhone, a simple synth which aims to recreate the sci-fi sound of Korg's popular Monotron Delay.

A ribbon synthesiser, the Monotone Delay consists of three main parts: a frequency modulating LFO, a lowpass filter and a delay.

Says developer Kandzi: "The waveform of the LFO can be changed between a triangle wave and a square wave with the switch on the left. The knob labeled 'rate' controls the frequency of the LFO and the knob labeled 'int' controls the intensity of the frequency modulation."

We're big fans of the Korg Monotron and its futuristic space-noise, so how does the Monotone compare? Watch the video demo above to make up your mind.

If you find yourself sold, hop on over to Monotone Delay on the App Store - it's only $0.99.