Mikme wireless microphone promises high-quality recording anywhere

Designed to make the recording process as quick and painless as possible, Mikme is a new wireless recording solution. Said to require virtually no setting up, not only is it a rechargeable battery-powered wireless microphone, but it can also store your recordings using its 8GB of internal memory.

The mic is a cardioid condenser model that can capture audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz quality. It's also equipped with Bluetooth (USB is an option, too), which makes it easy to connect it to the Mikme iOS app (an Android version is also planned). This enables you to record projects with up to eight tracks in them.

The app also includes editing and mixing features, and offers the likes of reverb, delay and filter effects. Projects can be shared either as stereo mixdowns or complete multitrack projects.

Currently existing in prototype form, Mikme is now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. As usual, various pledge options are available, but if you pledge $179 you'll stand to receive a Mikme at $120 less than the retail price.

Find out more on the Mikme Kicckstarter page.

Ben Rogerson

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