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MeTeoR crashes onto Windows Mobile

MeTeoR looks like a mid-'90s PC sequencer.
MeTeoR looks like a mid-'90s PC sequencer.

Apple's iPhone and iPod touch are dominating the handheld music making agenda at the moment, but it's emerged that a capable-looking new application has just been released for good old Windows Mobile.

Put simply,'s MeTeoR looks very much like a full-on portable DAW. It offers 12 audio tracks, audio editing, effects, a mixer and automation. The interface isn't exactly 'next gen', but if you're a seasoned computer musician, it'll be instantly familiar.

The software runs on Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5 and 6, so if you've got a compatible device kicking around, give the demo a try. The full version of MeTeoR costs $30/£20, and if you buy it, you'll get a desktop PC version that has the same functionality and enables you to work on your handheld projects in your home studio.

(via Create Digital Music)