Livid Instruments introduces Code Version 2 MIDI controller

If you've tried to source a highly configurable controller with lots of knobs on it over the past couple of years you'll probably have come across Livid Instruments' Code, a handcrafted device featuring 32 push encoders.

Now we have its successor, Code Version 2, which adheres to a similar blueprint but adds four editable onboard presets, button toggles, new LED ring modes, standalone MIDI operation and an all-new Editor program.

There are changes to the design, too: Code 2 is slimmer and has a smaller footprint.

Find out more in the press release below. Code Version 2 can be ordered now for $549 from the Livid Instruments website.

Livid Instruments Code Version 2 press release

Livid Instruments, makers of finely crafted MIDI controllers announced today the release of Code Version 2. Building on the sophisticated simplicity of the original Code MIDI controller released in 2010, Code Version 2 refines its style and expands its function.

"Code is one of my personal favourite instruments we've created", states Justin Moon, Chief Engineer at Livid. Moon goes on to explain, "Not only can I use it for straightforward stuff like mixing and EQ'ing in my DAW, but I can also use it as a sequencer and interactive instrument. It's just so adaptable to whatever I want to do." Code features 32 endless push button encoder, LED indicator rings, and 13 multi purpose push buttons. With USB and MIDI in and out jacks, the Code is one of the most compact and feature-packed MIDI controllers in the world.

Code Version 2 adds four editable onboard presets, button toggles, new LED ring modes, standalone MIDI operation, and an all-new Editor program. The slimmer design shrinks the footprint of the Code, but keeps its crafted style with hand-finished wood end caps. With scripts and templates available for Ableton Live, Propellerhead's Reason and Record, Max/MSP, and Liine's Griid, Code's flexible workflow integrates to almost any setup. Hardware users will love the new standalone and "local control" functions that require no computer or USB hookup. Programmers will love the flexible control over LED rings that can now be used not only for displaying values, but simultaneously act as loop or VU meter displays. Everyone will appreciate the four preset banks that essentially quadruples the size of the Code.

Code is handcrafted with only the highest quality parts and components at Livid's own manufacturing shop in Austin, TX. Code can be customized directly from Livid Instruments online shop with over 100 combinations of metal and wood finishes and shipped worldwide. For more information visit, or visit your local authorized Livid dealer.

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