Kuassa puts two classic Pultec EQs in one plugin

Is Kuassa's EVE-MP5 perfect hybrid EQ?
Is Kuassa's EVE-MP5 perfect hybrid EQ?

Kuassa's new EVE-MP5 plugin emulates not one but two classic Pultec hardware EQ units. Previously available as a Reason Rack Extension, it combines the MEQ-5 Midrange Equalizer with the EQP-1A Program Equalizer.

The result, we're assured, is an easy to use plugin with a "fast workflow and maximum usability". EVE-MP5 promises massive lows, smooth mids and shiny highs on any track you care to apply it to, with a power amp saturation unit thrown into the signal flow for good measure. This enables you to add everything from "mild edge" to full on overdrive.

Find out more on the Kuassa website, where EVE-MP5 can be purchased for £40/$59 in VST, AU and AAX formats. A demo is available, too.

Kuassa EVE-MP5 features

  • Combination of the two Pultec EQs into a single, compact plug-in.
  • Colour coded knobs and straightforward interface for fast workflows.
  • Unique Saturation unit on the input path with automatic level compensation.
  • Simultaneously boost and attenuate on the same low frequency.
  • Distinct Pultec natural filter curve.
  • Dial up large amount of boost or cut without sacrificing naturalness and musicality.
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