Kuassa puts two classic Pultec EQs in one plugin

Is Kuassa's EVE-MP5 perfect hybrid EQ?
Is Kuassa's EVE-MP5 perfect hybrid EQ?

Kuassa's new EVE-MP5 plugin emulates not one but two classic Pultec hardware EQ units. Previously available as a Reason Rack Extension, it combines the MEQ-5 Midrange Equalizer with the EQP-1A Program Equalizer.

The result, we're assured, is an easy to use plugin with a "fast workflow and maximum usability". EVE-MP5 promises massive lows, smooth mids and shiny highs on any track you care to apply it to, with a power amp saturation unit thrown into the signal flow for good measure. This enables you to add everything from "mild edge" to full on overdrive.

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Find out more on the Kuassa website, where EVE-MP5 can be purchased for £40/$59 in VST, AU and AAX formats. A demo is available, too.

Kuassa EVE-MP5 features

  • Combination of the two Pultec EQs into a single, compact plug-in.
  • Colour coded knobs and straightforward interface for fast workflows.
  • Unique Saturation unit on the input path with automatic level compensation.
  • Simultaneously boost and attenuate on the same low frequency.
  • Distinct Pultec natural filter curve.
  • Dial up large amount of boost or cut without sacrificing naturalness and musicality.