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Kanye West's Heartless covered by The Fray

The Fray: the poor man's Keane?
The Fray: the poor man's Keane?

Kanye West's blog is practically a newsfeed in itself, and one of his latest missives points fans in the direction of The Fray's cover of Heartless, from his 808s & Heartbreak album.

We're guessing this counts as some kind of endorsement - maybe West believes that having one of his songs reworked by a middle-of-the-road rock band will improve his muso credentials.

Anyway, the strange thing about The Fray's cover is that, despite dispensing with the Auto-Tuned vocal and sounding altogether more human, it also comes off significantly less powerful and soulful than the original.

You can listen to it or download it via Kanye's blog.