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'Justice house' designed in shape of a cross

"Do you think we'll get planning permission for this?"
"Do you think we'll get planning permission for this?"

The credit crunch may have sent the previously buoyant property market into a tailspin, but this hasn't stopped a couple of architects from going off on one and designing a palatial residence based on the logo that appears on the cover of Justice's debut album Cross.

This, predictably enough, is in the shape of a cross, and features such luxuries as a home cinema, bar, studio and rooftop swimming pool. The architects - Julien Jacquot and Marc Antoine Maillard from a company called Planda - have even specified a location: Santa Catalina Island in California.

You can see how the 'Palais de Justice' was designed by checking out this video (opens in new tab).

It certainly looks like a pretty desirable pad to us (opens in new tab), though there's no indication that it's going to be built, and if we were feeling churlish, we might point out that it's not exactly original.

After all, people have been designing cross-shaped buildings for thousands of years - they're called churches. Still, in these secular times, it's interesting to note that architects are now being inspired by French electro acts rather than Jesus Christ.

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