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Image-Line releases FL Studio 12 DAW

Image-Line has released FL Studio 12, the latest version of its popular DAW. This heralds the arrival of a vectorial UI that promises "pin-sharp fidelity" on high-resolution monitors, a redesigned and resizeable mixer, and updates to several of the software's plugins.

Elsewhere, improvements have been made to the piano roll, playlist and browser, while multi-touch support has been extended and plugin support has been improved.

As ever, existing FL Studio users are eligible for a free upgrade courtesy of Image-Line's Lifetime Free Updates policy, and prices for the software start at €92.33.

Check out the launch video above - complete with a soundtrack that sounds like it was commissioned by Christopher Nolan - and feature list below. You can find out more on the Image-Line website.

FL Studio 12 new features

  • Updated Editions with more value - FL Studio Fruity edition gains Automation Clips. Producer edition gains Sytrus & Maximus. Signature Bundle gains Harmless, Newtone, Gross Beat and Pitcher. Existing owners also get these great additions. See the complete feature comparison here.
  • Vectorial UI - FL Studio is now 100% vectorial allowing it to be used on 4, 5 or even 8K monitors with pin-sharp fidelity.
  • Mixer - Completely redesigned mixer, dynamically resizable with 6 layout styles plus 3-user configurable docking panels (left, centre and right) for track management. Multi-fader selection and adjustment. Improved mixer track grouping. Multi-touch support. 10 FX slots per track. Many new multi-track routing automated options. Enhanced grouping and submix functions. The dedicated 'Send' channels have been replaced with general purpose send tracks and added to the overall track-pool.
  • Updated plugins - 3xOSC, Edison, Formula Controller, Peak Controller, Keyboard Controller gain vectorial UIs. Envelope Controller (8 articulators, Mod X/Y envelopes & vectorial UI), Send (can now send to any mixer track & vectorial UI), Hardcore (new tube distortion effect & convolution based cabinet simulation), Patcher (Plugins open outside patcher. Auto patcherizing of existing plugins & multi-touch support). Fruity Convolver new impulse library by Soundiron. Finally, the Channel Settings are now integrated into the Wrapper. ZGameEditor Visualizer - Loads all popular video formats and gains 4K+ rendering.
  • Piano roll - Time markers added for labelling and looping purposes. Auto-zoom can now be switched off in the General Settings. Stamp tool replaces chord tool and allows users to click in chords from a selector. Macro to find overlapping notes.
  • Playlist - Drop multiple stems or Audio Clips on the Playlist from any Windows file browser.
  • Browser - Improved layout with user configurable category tabs (name and icon). The default categories include Files, Plugins and Current Project providing key content at a glance. Improved file management with Right-click delete options for most content.
  • Multi-touch support - Multi-touch has been extended to Mixer functions, Channel settings and Control Surface. Swap between Windows Multi-touch and FL Studio Multi-touch modes.
  • Improved 32 & 64 Bit VST plugin support - The wrapper has been redesigned to improve stability and compatibility. The FL Studio Plugin scan tool now allows unlimited VST search locations and quick favouriting.