Hosa Tracklink gives guitarists one-cable USB recording

The Tracklink bridges the gap between guitar and computer.
The Tracklink bridges the gap between guitar and computer.

Thanks to the launch of Hosa's Tracklink, recording your guitar into a computer might just have got a little bit easier. This is a 10-foot cable that has a 1/4-inch mono jack on one end and a USB plug on the other.

That pretty much gives you the 'nutshell' explanation of the product; simplicity could well be the Tracklink's biggest strength. Many guitarists now record through a dedicated audio interface, but this will suit those who would prefer a one-cable solution.

The Tracklink is a plug-and-play USB 2.0 device - no drivers are required on Mac or PC - and should be compatible with pretty much all the major DAW software. The press bumph states that it enables you to record at CD quality, so we're guessing that we're talking 16- rather than 24-bit. An indicator light confirms that the thing has been hooked up correctly and also indicates recording status.

Although the Tracklink will probably be of most interest to guitarists, it can also be used with any instrument that has a 1/4-inch mono output, so bassists and keyboard players might also like to take a look.

The Tracklink has a retail price of around $41, which doesn't sound too bad at all.

Ben Rogerson
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