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HHB salutes DTRS multitrack users with upgraded media

Be a tapehead!
Be a tapehead!

We know, we know: Everybody's gotten rid of their tape recorders. Even your dog has tossed his old tape machine. You, on the other hand, see no reason to chuck a perfectly good tape-based multi-track recorder. And neither does HHB.

Alongside its work in developing professional recording media for new disc and card formats, HHB is ensuring that the many users of existing tape-based multi-track formats have continued access to the latest developments in dependable, high-performance recording media. At a time when every other professional audio media manufacturer has abandoned the market, HHB's latest DA60DC and DA113DC double-coated DTRS tapes provide users of the Tascam 8 channel recording system with the latest metal particle tape formulation to deliver high output and carrier to noise ratio, along with the low block error rates essential for use in high resolution digital audio recording applications.

A non-magnetic layer beneath the recording layer contains a lubricant for smooth running of the tape, while the tape substrate itself is designed to minimise friction during high speed shuttling. The binder is specially formulated to minimise the shedding of the metal particle recording layer, even after repeated use over many years.

Approved by Tascam for all DTRS recording applications and now the only double coated DTRS tapes available on the market, both the 60 and 113 minute tapes are packaged in professional library cases and are supplied with labelling formatted specifically for professional audio use.

So there. Let others sneer. You've got tape and you're going to use it. As for your dog, well, he'll come crawling back, probably around dinnertime. For more information, such as pricing, visit the official HHB website.