Has Tascam raised the bar with the latest DR-100 handheld recorder?

Power in your palm.
Power in your palm.

Tascam has launched the third generation of its acclaimed DR-100 handheld digital stereo recorder.

The new mkIII boasts high resolution recordings courtesy of the 192kHz/24-bit resolution AKM "Velvet Sound" converters, combined with Tascam's HDDA preamps and it also supports SDXC cards up to 128GB.

"As high-resolution recordings have grown in popularity, audio professionals are demanding higher sample rates and better performance," remarked Jeff Laity, Tascam Director of Product Marketing. "The DR-100 series has always been the handheld recorder of choice for serious location recording and sound design, and we knew we'd have to do a lot to improve upon that. We haven't just added features - we've created an even more powerful, high-precision professional recording tool."

Designed to deliver unparalleled performance, the DR-100mkIII is features dual stereo mics in both AB and omnidirectional patterns for maximum versatility, two XLR/combo jacks, switchable phantom power, and a dedicated input level control for fast, tactile operation.

Featuring Tascam's exclusive Dual Recording Mode, the handheld recorder simultaneously captures a lower level safety track, to safeguard against unexpected source level spikes. And as ever, it sports a rugged black aluminum chassis that's road-worthy enough for the most hardcore location duties.

To further your recording experience in the field, the DR-100mkIII's innovative dual battery technology utilises a built-in Li-ion rechargeable as well as AA batteries, giving you extended recording times and the ability to change batteries on the fly.

The DR-100mkIII is available now for $399.99 and more information can be found on the Tascam website.

DR-100mkIII features

AKM AK4558 converters with VELVET SOUND architecture deliver a S/N ratio of 102dB

Dual mono mode, using independent AK4558 converters for both the left and right channels, provides a S/N ratio of 109dB

External microphones supported with XLR/TRS inputs and built-in low-noise HDDA mic preamps

Onboard dual (directional/omnidirectional) stereo microphones with integrated shockmounts deliver flexible recording options while retaining professional quality audio performance

Supports up to 192kHz/24bit recording

Dual battery structure allows the built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery to be used along with 2 AA batteries

AA batteries may be replaced during operation (when using the lithium-ion battery) delivering hours of uninterrupted recording

Tascam's unique Dual Level recording function allows simultaneous recording of a backup file at a lower gain level

Dual format recording function allows simultaneous recording of both WAV and MP3 files

Locking XLR/TRS combo jacks made by Amphenol

Tough aluminum body to deliver years of reliable use

High-precision clock featuring a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)

The user interface has been designed to provide clear visual feedback, and includes both a large LCD screen and dedicated status LEDs

Select hardware switches for quick and positive setting control

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