Granular synthesis app ASlicer lands

Manipulate sound patterns within the free app ASlicer
Manipulate sound patterns within the free app ASlicer

Developers DNBAPP have released a free, tile-based audio manipulation tool for iPad, and its name is ASlicer.

Based on granular synthesis and promising "truly out there" sound compositions, the app records to a sound buffer either via your iPad's internal microphone or from a pre-recorded audio file, then assigns a series of slices to each of its 16 tiles, based upon the results.

Each tile is a playback mechanism with Fx settings in its own right, and can be manually manipulated after the recording process, allowing the user to create patterns from the results.

ASlicer also offers extreme pitch shifting (independent of playback speed), Filter and BitCrush effects, direct export to iTunes and Fx Preset saving options. Sample packs are also available via In-App purchase.

For more information check out ASlicer on the App Store.