Google's Chrome Music Lab is educational and addictive

Chrome is where the art is the Music Lab looks great and could teach people a thing or two
Chrome is where the art is: the Music Lab looks great and could teach people a thing or two.

We reported yesterday on Google's playable Doodle theremin, but the company has its fingers in other new web-based musical pies, too.

The Chrome Music Lab comprises a fun and educational selection of activities that have been created to celebrate Music in Our Schools month in the US, and are designed to teach children (and anyone else who wants to learn) the basics of how music works.

By exploring and clicking away in the various areas of the interactive site you'll learn about the likes of rhythm, chords, harmony, oscillators, strings and sound waves. It's all very entertaining (the oscillators section in particular is bound to raise a smile) and you can even learn the basics of programming a melody on a grid and get a basic understanding of how a spectrogram works).

The site was developed using the Web Audio API, WEBGL and various other technologies, and Google says that this is just the start.

You can enter the Chrome Music Lab now.

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