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Get your distortion in shape with Blow-Fi plugin

Pick the bones out of that.
Pick the bones out of that.

Blow-Fi is a new shaper-based distortion and "signal destruction" plugin from Outofmind that's designed to be used on the likes of synth and single instrument sounds.

Check out the specs below and you'll see just how much control you have over the effect: the implication seems to be that this is a plugin that's designed for hard rather than subtle processing.

Blow-Fi is available now in Windows VST format from the Outofmind website. It's priced at €24, and a demo is also available.

Outofmind Blow-Fi features

  • Symmetric / Asymmetric shaper mode
  • Up to 20 editable points and 19 areas with six shapes per one area on transmission curve with cubic interpolation
  • Editable frequency range at distortion input, with modulated lowpass filter on output
  • Envelope follower, noise and sequence modulators
  • Modulated PRE and POST gain
  • Graphic display of the FX behaviour on example sine wave
  • Optional DC offset filter in asymmetric mode.